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One of the biggest requests I get from clients is to have me come into their kitchens!

This is a great way to get motivated because we do a variety of things together:

Clean out cupboards & refrigerators, organize cabinets, put together grocery lists,

plan & create meals, food prep & freezing.

This makes it so much easier to implement new habits and to really have fun with it. 


This is a 3 Part Series that includes:


Session 1- Consultation (90 minutes): Let's find your Nutritional Style! We'll look at the dietary changes you would like to make and design personalized grocery lists & recipes to specifically support & nourish your wellness goals. We'll also assess your kitchen to get an idea of the amount of overhaul it actually needs. This includes going through drawers & cabinets and checking out utensils & gadgets that will help you save time. We will trouble-shoot how to carve out time in your schedule to plan & prep so eating homemade meals fits into your budget and your lifestyle.


Session 2 - Shopping & Organizing (75 minutes): We'll reorganize your kitchen so that it is functional and aesthetically pleasing. We'll create a flow that makes cooking easy and fun. We'll go through your cabinets and group together ingredients that go well together.  We'll also toss expired items and make a box of staples that haven't been used to pass along to friends or maybe donate to the local food pantry. We'll take a trip to the store and I will show you how to shop - what to look for in ingredient lists, how to buy in bulk, how to buy on sale. We'll also buy appropriate containers and storage bags to store portion controlled meals & snacks. We'll get started on cooking basic recipes that compliment the changes you are ready to implement. 


Session 3 - Cooking (75 minutes) : We'll discover and bring out your inner-chef! We'll get busy creating meals for the week and for the freezer. I'll teach you how to cook in bulk so you have readily available food in the fridge to add to any meal. Also, we can make frozen whole meals and single-size portions. Snacks are also a good thing to portion out and have readily available so they are easy to grab and go. We can look at your schedule and find time for you to pencil in a few hours one day a week for planning & prepping.


Fall in love with your kitchen.

Fall in love with cooking. 

September Special ~ $225.00 (regularly priced at $300.00)

Let the transforming begin...


Holistic Kitchen Coaching