Health Coaching is a practical, reflective work that mirrors potential and beauty.

Every individual is entirely unique. We all view the world through a definitive personal lens of awareness and experience.

The attitude and mindset surrounding our conception, through our nine month development, to our birth, vary from person to person. Our environment, internal/external influences, caregivers and significant milestone events are all a part of who we are at this very moment.

Our constitution, genetic predisposition and hereditary tendencies set the stage for experiential living.

Even siblings can have vastly different experiences and memories in how they were raised.

We are continually affected and influenced by these things, even if only on a subconscious level.

When issues arise in our lives, be it physical, emotional or otherwise, we find ourselves in pivotal moments that can alter the course of our current path. Changes need to be made. Our worlds need to be explored.

We revisit, reevaluate, reexamine, rethink. We clean house.

We take stock in how we have lived, decisions we have made, paths we have chosen and look long and hard at how we feel now. We look for direction and answers - both of which reside within us.

These pivotal situations can be very trying because they are disruptive. Underlying issues surface. 

We may feel that we don’t know ourselves well enough, are inexperienced, or are in the middle of an identity crisis.

Even though these situations are rarely welcomed, they create  the perfect storm to upset our internal environment.

And that is very good, because they stir up things that we didn’t even know were still in effect and influencing us - stagnant attitudes, stale opinions, bad habits, relationship dysfunction, worn-out family dynamics. 

My work as a Health Coach is to help keep you grounded until the storm passes.

To guide you into those core places that hold the very answers you are looking for.

The places that encase your dreams, your desires, your hidden talents.

To bring you to that innate compass that truly knows where to go and what is best for you.

My job is to help you bring that direction, boldly, to the surface.

My job is to help you recognize that voice of Wisdom that resides deep within, and let it speak loud and clear.

My job is to help you recognize your own Intuitive gifts and trust know..that hunch..that gut feeling that gnaws at you until you do something. My job is to empathetically support you while you build confidence in your ability to own your world and heal your life while you progress towards your goals.

My job is to bring you to your place of Knowingness.

You know how to get there. You know what is best for you. 

I know you know.

Together, we look at all the intricate parts of you.
Conditioned behaviors, learned beliefs, emotional & cognitive patterns and environmental influences that permeate into your everyday social interactions.

Personality type. Temperament. Energy type. Blood type. Body type. 

Spirituality. Relationships. Preferences..we uncover it all.

My work allows me to offer you a safe, Sacred space to let it all rise up and come forward.

I attune myself with you and your goals. I work within your comfort zone to intuitively navigate and  meet the underlying needs associated with your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The Intuitive Coaching Method is my signature style in relating to and helping my clients unlock their Mind/Body healing ability. 

I am honored you are here.

I invite you to come closer,

tell me what you already know about yourself

...and let's go deeper.

Intuitive Coaching Method

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