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​Food Allergy Fix & Celiac Support

As a Food Allergy parent I am very familiar with what Food Allergy families have to live with. It can be a bit of a challenge to say the least, and when you or your child is newly diagnosed with an anaphylactic allergy it can feel as if you are a stranger in a strange land.  This is also true of Celiac disease. More & more people are finding that they have a gene for Celiac, full-blown Celiac and/or a very high gluten sensitivity. This has many complexities to it as some people are symptomatic and others are asymptomatic. The conclusion is, food avoidance and lifestyle change is necessary as well as education and most definitely, support. Our family is newly diagnosed with Celiac and once again we are required to make a major shift. Did I mention having a support system?? I did right?? In the end, it's all good :)


Two of my three children have been living with anaphylactic Food Allergies since they were babies. My oldest is now a thriving teenager and the other two are catching up to her! I have figured out through the years, through much trial & error, what they can eat, how to give them complete nourishment, how to deal with the challenges of social events and most importantly how to keep them safe (read my story) and happy through it all.


One of my core desires in becoming a Health Coach is to offer support and ongoing education to Food Allergy families…and…their friends and extended families as well. Even though it is a serious health issue to live with, there are ways to really enjoy life with ease, comfort and joy. 


I am a strong advocate for keeping all children safe and offer to speak and educate in communities. I am also very interested in helping families, and their friends, acclimate to this way of life as graciously as possible.


I teach how to transition your mindset, how to read labels, prevent cross-contamination, having a plan of action, how to work with the schools, how to talk with new friends about this issue, how to find fun & satisfying alternatives for common foods (that everyone will enjoy), learning how and who to trust AND how to live a fulfilled and truly happy Life (whew)!


If you or someone you know is new to Food Allergies and is looking for support and education, please contact  me, I would be thrilled to talk with you and help in any way that I can.

I recently spoke about this issue on the radio, check it out here, it's a 2 part recording. I hope you find it inspiring. I also have a supporting Blog post with guidelines to help with managing your, and everyone else's, reactions.

Below is a Form to fill out if you are interested in getting to work right away. Having a plan is the best way to stay empowered! I look forward to working with you!

Food Allergy & Celiac Information Form

All information is strictly confidential