Start a dialogue with your body. Get to the root of your cravings.

Cravings are the body's natural way of communicating deeper needs.

Cravings also reveal underlying physical & emotional imbalances.  

The best way to start figuring out what is at the heart of the things we crave is by asking questions. Your answers become your guideposts and bring you deeper into what these cravings represent and the type of nourishment you may really need. 

By doing this, you can become aware of patterns that are in affect and start to make small shifts in your mindset.

Cravings include food, substances, activities, hobbies and people.

Cravings are always good..they give us insight and help us know ourselves better.  

Feel free to use these questions as a base for starting your personal Cravings Journal.

Cravings Journal


What are your main cravings?

How do you feel about your cravings?

Can you remember when your craving for this particular food, substance or object started?

When you ‘give in’ to your cravings what emotions do you feel?

What is your definition of a craving?

When you have a craving are you 
really hungry?

What are you feeling at the very moment a craving comes on?

Is this really what you want or are you settling?

How will  you feel after you  indulge?

Can you indulge without feeling guilty?

Is this filling a void for you? If so, whatWhat do you really want?

Are you really going to enjoy this?

Is it worth it?

Primary Food
What Primary foods seem out of balance to you?

Are your relationships fulfilling and satisfying? If not why?

If you could make changes to your relationship how would you go about doing it?

How is the communication in your main relationships? Are certain topics avoided?

Is it challenging for you to see your shortcomings?

Are you happy (satisfied, fulfilled, etc.) in your current career?

Do you look forward going to work every morning? If not why? What keeps you there? 

Does your career align with who you are?

Do you feel the need to make a career change?

If you made a change to your career who or what would it affect?

If you could do anything at all...anything...what career path would you pursue?

Have you considered creating an alternative plan for yourself?

How do you feel about exercising?

How much do you physically move everyday? 

Do you have a workout routine?

Do you get outside?

Do you like to be outside?

Do you like to have a scheduled time at the gym?

Do you have a physical and or creative outlet? If not, what kind of outlet - expression or healthy escape -  would you like to engage in?

How do you feel about Spirituality?

Do you have a Spiritual practice or belief system?

Do you feel connected to God, a Divine Source, the Universe, or something much bigger than yourself?

If you have a Spiritual practice how do you engage in it and how does it serve you?

Were you raised within a certain religious belief system? Does it still resonate with you?

Have you explored other belief systems? Would you like to? Are you afraid to?

Are you currently Spiritually seeking or questioning?

Do you see a Primary food and Craving connection?

If so, what areas?

How could you go about making healthy changes to your Primary food plate?   

What Secondary foods (the food that you physically eat) may you be using to fill in the gaps of Primary foods?                          

Mind/Body Connection
How do you respond to stressful situations?

Do you have a form of stress management? If so, what is it?

What is your stress body part? If it could talk, what would it say to you?

How long have you had this stress area? Can you remember when the discomfort started?

What unresolved issues are you living with that can be classified as Chronic Stress (a continual issue that seems to have no resolution)?

What food, substance or activity do you crave when you are stressed?

Do you notice words, topics or situations that trigger a stress response in your body? If so, where in your body do you feel tense and/or tightness?

Do you feel that a current physical disharmony might be rooted in something deeper, like an unresolved issue or an inability to properly express emotions?

Have you incorporated a change in your dietary style? If so, have you noticed changes in your ‘trouble’ area?  

What are your beliefs about yourself? Do you default to a negative or positive mindset?

    ...Intuitive Nourishment from the inside out...